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I Can't Believe She (He) Said That to Me!

August 17th, 2014 by Lee Yahnke

Have you had this happen to you?

A woman was volunteering for an organization that provided housing to families who were temporarily homeless. The program was in flux, so some decisions needed to be made quickly. After talking to volunteers, one leader decided the program would work better  by opening opportunities to more people instead of limiting choices to current volunteers. She left a message for her co leader who wasn't available.

The next morning the woman who was attempting to make the program more efficient, had a phone call from her co leader. The co leader would not listen and pressured the woman by telling her she was disrespectful. Despite the woman's attempt to de-escalate the conversation, she hung up feeling as if she'd been attacked and was left feeling confused and anxious.

After a couple of days of processing what she heard and acknowledging how she felt, she made a decision.  It was time to give up some responsibilities and concentrate more on self, family, and friends. It's important to know that a program or business will not fail just because you are no longer involved. So, the final step in restoring this woman's self esteem and respect was to take action.

Freeing yourself from situations that drain you or make you anxious gives your life a new perspective and a brighter future. We have only one life. Love, Laugh, and do it again.

This all makes me tired.

This all makes me tired.

Eldercare Resource Day

March 29th, 2013 by Lee Yahnke
Join us on
Saturday April 6, 2013
8:00am-2 p.m.
Timberline Church 
2908 S Timberline Rd
Fort Collins, CO


A Day of Learning for Family Caregivers

Sponsored by

Elder Care Network of Northern Colorado

$10 registration includes 3 sessions, handouts, lunch, and camaraderie

Community, Community, Community

February 26th, 2012 by Lee Yahnke

Modifying the realtor’s claim of “Location, Location, Location” gives us an objective for our senior and elder years.  If we’re honest with ourselves and our families, the time will come when we will need to adjust our living style. We no longer will have the energy to maintain the family home and the cost of hiring the work done makes little sense. I suggest that what we need to seriously consider is a community where we can contribute and receive attention from people who have common interests.

Aging in place is a concept most of us say we want; however, the problem of stairs, lawns, driveways, and adult children who live too far away or are too busy to help, make aging in place seem like a burden instead of peace and security. In addition, our suburban homes are often far from shopping and medical services. Our neighborhoods change during the decades, so our friends have likely moved away and strangers now live around us.

I propose that we consider community as an objective for our advancing senior and elder years. A community where we can pursue our common interests and continue to be contributing members of society that will bring purpose and peacefulness to our lives.

For some that might mean a retirement community. For others that might mean living near a university where other seniors pursue cultural and academic interests. We have many options today that previous generations didn’t have. Let’s consider what makes sense and let go of what no longer gives us what we really need-a community of individuals with similar interests where our minds and our hands remain active and we have a strong sense of purpose.

Cohousing is for Seniors

August 20th, 2011 by Lee Yahnke

Have you considered cohousing as an option for you as seniors, or as a family, to build a solid community? Cohousing communities are small neighborhoods with shared community room and grounds. They are managed by a collaborative resident management system designed to encourage engagement among the neighbors and care for the common areas.

Cohousing offers many advantages over city neighborhoods in that they are intentional communities that generate significant social capital over isolation and dependence on people who are sometimes too busy in their own lives. Greater independence can be found in these intentional communities with supportive and caring neighbors outside your door.

Mr. Jim Leach of Wonderland at is a cohousing developer whose fingerprints are memorable in cohousing communities from coast to coast.

In Fort Collins we already have 2 cohousing communities in River Rock and Grey Rock. Both are intergenerational. It is possible and likely that in the future we in Fort Collins will have a senior cohousing community. If you are interested in the concept, please contact me for more information. The local bookstores also have good books for reference.

Larimer County Discussion Focuses on Aging Loved Ones

August 20th, 2011 by Lee Yahnke

In November 2011 I attended a Health District of Northern Larimer County Community Discussion to determine the needs of our residents and providers. The discussions were held in small groups of similar interests. All the groups’ ideas were summarized and distributed to the participants and appropriate county offices.

One topic of interest to me was and is the need for more information and resources for the care of aging loved ones. The Eldercare Network website has a comprehensive list of resources and providers. When we are facing a growing number of seniors who are living longer, our community needs to adapt on many levels.

For family members who live out of town or work full time and raise a family, resources are the answer. Being proactive with siblings and our aging loved ones will make the experience better overall. The conversation is difficult to start, but what sense does it make to wait for an emergency situation when decisions are made under duress? We all want to live healthy and happily to the end of our lives. There is hope.

All Aboard!

January 6th, 2011 by Lee Yahnke

All Aboard!

2011 is rolling out of the holiday season.  The year is on a track including mountain crests and valley lows.  We’ll cross dry plains and lush fields.  We’ll blindly turn corners without knowing what we’ll find.  We’ll stop at many interesting places.

The key word in all this is “we”.  Each of us travels within the year on different tracks.  Sometimes we’re grateful and sometimes we’re resentful.  Times can be fearful as we turn blind corners.  Other times we'll  enjoy the benefit of labors from

A Bridge Along the Way

lush fields.

Please don’t travel alone.  We have people galore to bring with us on the ride.  Take note:  we need to be careful so our ability to see the view from windows and enjoy the year as we travel along is not blocked by bad relationships.  All Aboard!  The year is now on its way.