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A Simple Way to Enrich Your Marriage with a Little "Tweek"

April 1st, 2014 by Lee Yahnke

If you are like many couples who tire of the same routine of exercise in the morning, lunch with a friend, volunteering, and wondering what to have for dinner, here is an idea to think about. While you are taking care of yourself by being active and giving back to society by volunteering, your relationship could use a little "tweek". 

Opportunities abound. Just look at anything offered in the events section of the newspaper for something neither of you knows about or look through the travel section to pick out a place neither of you has ever been. Challenge yourself and each other to explore new concepts, activities, or places, but do it together. 

My husband and I took a yoga class together. We went hiking in Wales. While we will spend many hours enjoying our regular activities, we will also challenge each other to think and act outside our normal routines. Maybe we'll kayak to an iceberg in Alaska. Hmmm!