All Aboard!

All Aboard!

2011 is rolling out of the holiday season.  The year is on a track including mountain crests and valley lows.  We’ll cross dry plains and lush fields.  We’ll blindly turn corners without knowing what we’ll find.  We’ll stop at many interesting places.

The key word in all this is “we”.  Each of us travels within the year on different tracks.  Sometimes we’re grateful and sometimes we’re resentful.  Times can be fearful as we turn blind corners.  Other times we'll  enjoy the benefit of labors from

A Bridge Along the Way

lush fields.

Please don’t travel alone.  We have people galore to bring with us on the ride.  Take note:  we need to be careful so our ability to see the view from windows and enjoy the year as we travel along is not blocked by bad relationships.  All Aboard!  The year is now on its way.

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