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Mesothelioma Treatment And Life Expectancy

March 29th, 2013 by Lee Yahnke

Guest Host: Joseph Maresca

Take advantage of the facts if you, a friend, or relative have developed mesothelioma, you should take notice of all of the various styles of mesothelioma treatments that are available to you, in either natural organic, medicinal, or doctor prescribed.

Making reliable treatments should be the business of anyone at risk, or who is going to be immediately affected by the disease. There are a number of resources out there insofar as mesothelioma treatment go, depending on whichever suits your personal preference, in addition to stage, and particular elements of each case.

For instances in which the case is considered mild, depending on the health condition of the patient, doctors will typically reserve procedures that will match the aggressiveness of the disease. Popular procedures to circumvent further growth of the disease, or its tumors include chemotherapy exposure.

With respect to living with mesothelioma, and mesothelioma life expectancy, age has a significant factor in terms of estimating a particular length of time in actual days. The actual estimation for life expectancy from just barely over one year, just under six months, or 359 days, in patients 65, and younger, or 112 days, or less, in patients ranging from 75 years old, and older.

According to new age thinkers, medical organizations, institutions, and practitioners, there are several curing resources for mesothelioma in the form of food. It is argued by many, that there is an answer for most any disease with a healthy diet. Advocates for fighting disease with healthy nutrition based diets stand by the idea that by using herbs and avoiding traditional therapies like chemotherapy can be much more powerful, when it comes to making a significant impact against the growth of the disease.

The new age answer to mesothelioma is much less intrusive and a friendly way to fight the aggressive disease, and has proven to do damage against the disease. Essentially, the idea is to provide a super boost to the immune system, as opposed to shocking the system by blasting it with radiation, which undoubtedly has been proven to make the human body physically ill, despite the healing side effects. Nevertheless, despite whether using new age philosophy will provide a cure for ridding oneself of the disease completely, in documented cases, it has been proven to extend mesothelioma by up to 7 years.

Success stories of people who have actually beat the disease provide accounts of taking on new eating habits like incorporating a strict vegetarian diet, and eating routine into their lives. The regimen mostly included freshly squeezed juices, vegetables, and more that 100 vitamin supplements daily, with the addition of ozone therapy, a process by which cancer cells are supposed to diminish, as they do not thrive in oxygenated environments.